Spreading the Wanderlust Word

Social media is a powerful communicative tool, with different platforms in many different areas. For instance, Snapchat is used for quick photo sharing, twitter- for quick thoughts and updates, Instagram- for permanent photo sharing, and Facebook- for all of those things put together. There are a plethora of social media platforms that can be used for all different reasons.


These platforms are especially useful for people who have a desire to travel to different places. Snapchat is extremely helpful because in their Discover section, they have several different types of articles. Amongst those articles users are often able to find commentary that pertains to travel and activity in those places like hiking, beaches, shopping, food, and several other things that pertain to those cultures. When sending friends and family snaps or posting things to a “snap story”, people have the ability to use geotags which show the location of the picture or the 10 second video.

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Instagram is another tool that is utilized for photo and short video sharing. As opposed to Snapchat, Instagram is more permanent. Posts are there forever, unless the post or account is deleted. This platform has cool editing feature that can enhance photos, and allows people to post videos up to 60 seconds long. From a traveler’s perspective, Instagram is a great tool because they can tag the location of their content and create captions. It’s very interactive with followers because people can comment on your content and you can reply to them with a like or comment. This helps people who are interested in going places because of Instagram’s easy search tab. Travelers can look up hashtags of places, locations, foods, etc. They can type in specifically what they are looking for and they are bound to find something relative to their search. For instance, if someone is interested in Morocco, they can hashtag Morocco and see the different things that come up.


Youtube is another great platform that allows people to share much longer video content. On this site, people can create videos that document their entire vacation. Videos can have layers of music and pictures turned into a collage. It could also be a video montage of all the different activities the person did on their travels.

Twitter and Facebook are other useful platforms that are excellent for video and picture sharing, but are also good for information sharing. For travelers, this is beneficial because they can get similar photo experiences like they do from other social media platforms and information in addition to it. For example, a person can follow a touring company’s Facebook or Twitter to see updates about promotions, new excursions, and  any other information the company were to post. It makes it easier for people to see this information because the user doesn’t have to go through search engines or other third parties to find information. These two platforms also have direct messaging which a lot of companies utilize. It is a lot quicker than emailing a company and having to wait for a response, as most companies will have employees responding to direct messages pretty quickly throughout the day.

All of these platforms give travelers a preview of their next destination. This previewed content makes their travel easier, so that they can pick the places that they want to go to and plan it out. Not only do all these social media platforms benefit people looking to travel, but it benefits the expert travelers who want to share their experiences and work with the world. For some, social media can turn into a career where users get paid for the professional content they post. These people are often called “influencers”.

Social media has made communication and sharing significantly easier. In a way, all these platforms are digital journals. They tell stories. Here in Barcelona, I am embarking on my own travel endeavors. I decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to my travels where I will post as often as I want. As a traveler, I find this platform useful for my own entertainment and in a sharing sense. Creating a new Instagram account allowed me to keep it open to the public, and provide a place for my family and friends to see my journeys.



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