Valentí Sanjuan

If you’re looking for a symbol of strength, hope, and perseverance, Valentí  San Juan is your man. He began his career as a regular journalist, but when the crisis took place and he was laid off from his job he found himself at a cross road. He could either rise up and defeat the obstacle he was faced with, or let it consume him and effect how he moved forward. In the past several years he has put in a lot of effort and achieved significant success through the online community.

He started his journey with a stand up show and now YouTube show Visto Lo Visto. At first, his show was not an instant success. In fact, there were more performers than there were people in the audience. His intentions were to first attract a younger crowd through his various and some comedic skits. However, it wasn’t the young crowd he had wanted to keep. Valentin wanted to attract an older crowd, which is a difficult task to do. For a performer to try and change their audience completely is a very tedious, risky task. So what he did, was invite his audience to have some free beer. Kind of in an exchange like a “thanks for watching!”  And who doesn’t love free beer? He had to keep in mind that besides himself, his audience was his boss. He had to keep them entertained and interested. Without the audience, there was no success. But the question is, how do you keep an audience interested in you for such a long time? Well for starters, Valentí  explained that people want to relate. Without connection, people, places, and things wouldn’t have an interest or purpose in something no matter what that is. A singer can’t connect to their audience if they don’t have any connection the music. Valentí  understands the importance of being real and allowing his audience to engage with him on a deeper level.

It has taken Valentí  about 15 years to build his career to the point where it’s at today. In order to do that, the most important thing for him to do was stay relevant. That is one of the reasons why Valentí  no longer does his show Visto Lo Visto. To keep his audience interested he had to change up his style so they wouldn’t get bored. Most recently, he takes part in athletic events such as Ironmans and Ultramans. These are extremely competitive. He documents his journeys through them as he does them alone or sometimes with the help of others. His enthusiasm, drive, and courage is what attracts the attention of his audience. And when he brings meaning to it, they support him even more. As he described, when he did a marathon where he ran pushing a girl in a wheel chair, who of course did not have the capability to do it herself- was an indescribable feeling. The marathon, documented on YouTube, only shows a fraction of the joy that girl was feeling inside. That is something his audiences wants to see and that is why the follow him. When he showed us the video in class, I got the chills watching the expressions on her face. It’s for these reasons that people love Valentí  and why he’s become such a huge Influencer today and why brands want to work with him.

People see the genuineness in Valentí  and that’s a vital part to his success. In addition to his fans, that is what makes other brands want to work with him. He keeps true to his message to make the most out of life and enjoy it. I found him to be such an inspiring person. He claims to want to live life in a way that he wants and I think that’s so admiring. People often forget to live for themselves and I think he’s a great reminder to do that because he’s living proof that you can do the things you enjoy most in life and make a living and be happy.


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