The Most Expensive Trip Ever

My first trip in Europe was to Geneva, Switzerland with two of my roommates. Planning ahead, we got a flight and a hotel for a really good deal. We were sooooo happy about that considering Switzerland is an expensive country.

Geneva was freezing! Leaving sunny Barcelona to cold Geneva was a shock. I was not used to 20 degrees Fahrenheit weather. But Geneva was so beautiful and there was so much history behind it. We looked up all the sites that we wanted to see, like the Jet D’Eau, and mapped it out perfectly so that the two days we were there, we would get to see all the sights we wanted to see. It was a lot of walking, but we did it and we were proud!

Switzerland is really famous for its chocolate and its fondue. Definitely a must while we visited. I’m not too much of a fan of chocolate but if I may say, it was the best chocolate I have ever had. Switzerland has so much variety in its chocolate selection and it didn’t matter whether we went to a really fancy chocolate place or a small bakery with chocolates, it never disappointed.

On the other hand, I do like cheese. I’ve never had fondue before so I was really excited to try fondue for the first time in a place where it is famous. We ate at Cafe Du Soleil. My friends were really big fondue fans and when they had it, they said it was the most amazing fondue they have ever had. It was nothing compared to The Melting Pot. For me, I thought it tasted excellent. But, having nothing to compare it to before I couldn’t really judge it on the same scale that they were able to do so.


In Geneva, almost everything besides restaurants and bars closed by 5 or 6 pm. That was a little frustrating because it limited our time for sightseeing and going to museums and other places. I guess that was okay because it helped us save money, being that this was the most expensive trip I’ve ever been on in my life!!!

I knew before hand that Switzerland was an expensive country. Their cost of living is higher, but then again so is their salaries. However, I was not prepared for how expensive it was. I was expecting New York City prices, as that is known for being an extremely expensive city and that is where I live. Welp- how about Geneva was triple the price of New York City. One dish at a Thai restaurant cost 50 euros! That was the cheapest dish we came across. I was not prepared for the dent this trip was going to put in my wallet. But hey, it was worth it. The free tap water was a refreshing surprise as that is about the only thing I drink. Not to mention, Switzerland supposedly has the best tap water in the entire world.


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  1. I agree with you. Switzerland is very nice but incredibly expensive. I have traveled to many places, nothing came price wise close to Switzerland. Geez.


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