Such NICE Weather

In the past two months I’ve traveled to quite a few places around Europe. Most recently, I went to France with my friends. We started our trip in Marseille and ended it in Nice. Luckily, we had beautiful weather in both places. Bad weather can really put a damper on a person’s vacation or trip.

When we first arrived in Marseille, it was a slight mess. We got the wrong bus tickets to head into the main center, and the workers kept providing us with the wrong information. We eventually got onto the proper bus and headed to the center towards our AirBnB on what was about a twenty minute bus ride. What I noticed on the bus was there were four languages: French, Spanish, English, and Arabic. I did not realize how diverse Marseille was and how much of an Arabic population there was. It was a cool surprise to see that.

Marseille is primarily famous for it being the third largest city in France and having the largest port, le vieux port. Its also known for its beach but of course it was too cold to sunbathe and swim. We did visit the beach and enjoy some of the vitamin D while it lasted, but we continued with our sightseeing when the sun had gone down. We went to the Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, which is one of the many outstanding architectural pieces Marseille is famous for and it was absolutely breathtaking. The view from the top overlooked the entire city and had an amazing view of the water. The wind up there was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. I was fighting to walk forward and several times the wind blew my phone right out of my hand. I would post some of the amazing views and architecture I got to see, but I lost my phone so I don’t have any of the images.

When we got to Nice, I immediately fell in love. The place was so beautiful filled with so many different people. It was full of energy and everyone I encountered was extremely kind. I was prepared to meet more stand-off people as that is what I had been warned the French were like- but from my case that was not my experience.

On our second day there, we had the most mazing weather. It was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and pure sun, almost no clouds in the sky. My friends and I rented a boat and we drove it on the Mediterranean Sea all day. It was the most amazing experience. Looking  back from the water at the town and the mountains made me realize how big and beautiful this world is. It was breathtaking to look at. I do have one picture from my travels that I sent to a friend of mine.

We had beautiful weather the entire time, and the sun was beating down strong. The couple we rented the boat from had advised us that though the water was cold, locals do often swim in it. That was all I needed to hear- I was going in. Sure enough about 2 and a half hours into our boat ride, we anchored and I jumped in the freezing cold water. At first I was so cold I wanted to get right back out, but once I adjusted to the temperature and kept my shoulders under, the water felt great. I swam for about a half hour getting closer to the rocks and the mountains with it getting more beautiful each second. When I looked down, I could see everything below me so clear. That’s something I don’t get to experience on the beaches of New York and New Jersey. Luckily, my friends snapped a shot of me swimming.

Our trip sadly came to an end the following day, but its sure to be one I’ll never forget. I cannot wait to go back to Nice when I can spend more time there with my friends and family and explore all the beaches and the wonderful architecture and foods the city has to offer.


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